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Kubo Laboratory

Kubo Laboratory (Multi-Physics and Multi-Scale Simulation) provides lab. tour & consultation for prospective students at any time.

Momoji Kubo

Major Field
Multi-Physics Computational Science, Multi-Scale Simulation
Application Field
  • Tribology Simulation for Aerospace and Automotive Systems
  • Fuel Cell Simulation, Hydrogen Production and Storage Simulation
  • Micromachine and MEMS Simulation
  • Solar Cell and Secondary Battery Simulation
  • Silicon and Diamond Semiconductor Device Simulation
  • Plasma Display and Flexible Display Simulation
  • Oxide Electronics, Light and Laser Emitting Diode Simulation
  • Ultraprecision Machining, Processing, and Fabrication Process Simulation
  • Stress Corrosion Cracking and Hydrogen Assisted Cracking Simulation for Power Plant
  • Photocatalysis and Environmental Catalysis Simulation
Paper Invited Talk
Conference Organizer